Pete Egoscue has totally changed my life. Never have I experienced such complete pain relief as I have by following the Egoscue Method.
Jack Nicklaus
Legendary Golfer


Nebraska Volleyball Team Champions The Nebraska Volleyball athletes have improved their quickness, vertical jump, and have also increased their athleticism. The program improved their awareness of their bodies and established a solid base to help them remain injury free through the fall season.
John Cook
Head Volleyball Coach, University of Nebraska


I woke up one day and couldn't move. I had never experienced the 'ice pick' pain before and I lived with it for 7 months. Being desperate, I picked up the Pain Free book and watched the Tower video on youtube and the pain went from an 8 to a 4 in twelve days, just from lying down on the floor before work. This is the first relief I had since it started...everything else hurt. After visiting a clinic, I am Pain Free and enjoying my 50s.
Tony Romanelli


I am at the year-and-a-half point with my commitment to the Egoscue Method, and I can now visualize my self-mangled 54-yr-old spine turning back into the healthy spine of a 10-year old. I can feel weekly, sometimes daily, changes toward straightness. Where walking -- which I love -- was for some time my enemy (motion on top of poor alignment = pain), it has now become my friend again. Where I had to put away my favorite hobby -- playing guitar -- for a year and a half, I am now back in the saddle playing with our Praise Band in Sunday morning church. Where sitting for just 10 minutes used to turn into agony, I can now take long car trips, sit in long meetings, etc.

I believe my case was extreme and unusual; thus, the long time period necessary for me to get back toward perfect. And I still have some work to do. But two years of corrective effort for 30 years of very damaging habits is not a bad trade at all! It's scary to think: if I had not found the Egoscue Method, I might have been physically miserable for the rest of my life. My perspective now is that my very best days are ahead of me! And by the way, I will keep doing these e-cises until my last breath, because I am not going back to where I was!
Kenny Pritchett
Egoscue Nashville Client