In-Clinic Therapy

In-clinic therapy is the most popular form of therapy offered at Egoscue. These one-on-one visits are specifically designed to address our clients’ postural dysfunctions and compensations that are causing pain. In-clinic therapy allows for real-time feedback when working through the Egoscue exercise menu, establishing an open line of communication between the client and their therapist.

To find out more about the in-clinic experience, please visit our “What to Expect” page.

If you're ready to eliminate your pain and take control of your health, contact your local clinic to schedule your appointment today!

16 Visits: $2495
This investment is our most commonly purchased therapy package. It allows you to save considerably over the per-visit rate and, if you choose, gives you the opportunity to share visits with friends & family.

8 Visits: $1495
This package is for someone who is looking to get an introduction to Egoscue. This package can only be used by an individual.

Single Visits-Try Us Out: $250 (per visit)